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induction forms 2023

The Ashoka University Economics Society (AUES) is pleased to announce that its inductions for the academic year 2023-24 are now open! Inductions open for Ashoka University Economics Society for all teams; students from all majors are welcome to apply; this is the only induction cycle for the upcoming year. No preference is given to one major over the other. 

There are currently 9 departments: Seminars, Social Events, Outreach, Marketing and Social Media, Blog, Peer Mentorship and Helpdesk, Website, Academic Events and Finance. 
We are also opening up a form to receive new ideas that you might want to work on. 
Application deadline: 21st June, 2023.

Each student can apply for a maximum of two teams, however, they will only be a part of any one team. 

Marketing and social media 

The Ashoka Economics Society's Social Media Team is involved in marketing for the Society's Events as well as running side projects for its Social Media pages in order to increase the audience engagement and outreach of the society. This involves ideating new innovative ways to interest people in the idea of economics and executing that idea. We have a presence on four platforms as of now: Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin. Designers typically work on Canva. For a video editor, the knowledge of any video editing application is appreciated. Marketing for all events, webinars, blog posts, etc. is done by this team. 


social events 

The Social Events department is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing events that foster engagement, networking, and community-building among the student body. It works to encourage intra-student body interactions through fun mixers and stress-busting sessions, with the aim of making Economics accessible to the entire student body, not just economics students.. It would also entail establishing an intra-society relationship by organizing team bonding and growth-inducing events.


academic events

The Ashoka Economics Society's Academic Events Team will be involved in conducting several research-driven events, amongst others. One of the events that will be organized by this team is the Ashoka University Paper Presentation Competition. Our aim is to make it an event that is student-driven; one that highlights research and academic rigor from students enrolled in undergraduate programs at institutes across the country.The idea behind having this event is to encourage critical thinking and academic writing and to use the two to foster engagement with and a wider discussion of the crucial economic issues of the day. The team behind this event will work actively to manage logistics, encourage participation, and market the competition.




The Seminar Team at the Ashoka University Economics Society is responsible for planning and executing talks, webinars & seminars at Ashoka. All tasks involved, from inviting Professors or other personalities for a webinar/seminar to the final execution and moderation of the event, falls under this team.




The Blog Team of AUES are the ones who translate ideas into actual writing, they are responsible for the writing, editing and posting of the blog. As members of the blog team you will be required to write over the summer and at least once in two months during a semester. Inductions are open for Staff Writers of the Blog Team. 



Peer Mentorship and Helpdesk

The team is involved in ideating and executing the Peer Mentorship Programme by the Ashoka University Economics Society to help students navigate life at Ashoka and beyond. They will also be required to arrange helpdesks before examinations. Choosing suitable mentors to guide the students falls under the purview of this team. 




The Finance Team generates funds for the Society through fundraising ideas and manages the Society's funds. Their job also includes finding potential sponsors for our events and presenting proposals to them. 




The Outreach Team is required to reach out to Professors and Centres for research and internship opportunities for the student body. They also maintain a database of economics or related societies and clubs that will prove to be competitive contenders for the events undertaken by the Society. Conducting miscellaneous research for major AUES events will also fall under the purview of this team.




Developers will be responsible for keeping the AUES website updated. They will also need to work on tiny custom web applications for events/logistics.



form for new ideas

Please use this form to pitch any new ideas that you may want to execute under the Economics Society. Feel free to go into as much detail as possible, including how you envision the idea taking shape and being executed. You are also allowed to pitch multiple ideas. 



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