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The Ashoka University Economic Review is a peer-reviewed undergraduate Economics publication that is managed by the society. It was founded in 2020, and seeks to promote novel and insightful research. The review accepts submissions in the form of research papers, commentaries/articles, and book reviews. We cover a host of Economic issues in the fields of Macroeconomic Policy, Inequality & Growth, Political Science, Financial Markets, Health and Education, Business, Statistics, Environmental Economics, Technology and Innovation, Economic History, and Microeconomics, among others. We also encourage publications with a special focus on perspectives of developing countries. The review will receive articles annually, among which selected ones will be accepted for publication in a yearly volume. The minimum number of articles required for each volume is five. The views expressed in this publication or the website are those of the individual authors or speakers and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of AUER staff or Ashoka University’s Economics Department and faculty in general.

issue no.1- volume no.2

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